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Dr. Brae Anne McArthur is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta. She has experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families. Dr. McArthur specializes in the assessment and treatment of a variety of mental health difficulties. 

Dr. McArthur has developed her expertise through training and working in inpatient clinics, outpatient clinics, schools, and paediatric health settings including Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Recognizing that every individual is unique, Dr. McArthur uses a variety of evidence-based treatments (CBT, ACT, interpersonal or relational methods, mindfulness) tailored to each client’s situation, goals, and preferences. To enquire about services please email


Dr. McArthur provides individual and group therapy for children, adolescents and young adults, as well as their families.

Dr. McArthur’s approach to therapy brings together a variety of theories, techniques, and empirical research. She most often draws from cognitive-behavioral (CBT), interpersonal or relational, and mindfulness orientations. 

Dr. McArthur is experienced in working with people dealing with a wide range of issues, including: anxiety & stress, depression & mood disorders, trauma, OCD, grief & loss, identify development, emotional difficulties, medical difficulties & chronic illness, parenting & behavioural difficulties.  



Telepsychology services are available to promote service delivery to people who are not able to easily attended sessions in person.  Telepsychology also allows for social distancing.

Dr. McArthur offers individual therapy via telepsychology for children, adolescents, and young adults. All services are provided virtually through a secure and encrypted online platform. 

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Dr. McArthur offers a wide variety of psychological assessments to better understand cognitive abilities, academic or work abilities, and social/emotional/behavioural functioning. She believes it is important to fully understand an individual’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a plan for improved outcomes.

Dr. McArthur offers comprehensive psychoeducational or learning assessments, gifted assessments, and mental health assessments.

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In her work as a psychological consultant, Dr. McArthur liaisons with school personnel and other medical professionals (e.g., psychiatrist, family physician, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologists) to improve client outcomes.

As a recognized leader in clinical psychology, Dr. McArthur engages in psychological consultation with public and private organizations to provide expertise on topics related to psychological assessment and intervention.

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Dr. McArthur is actively involved in training the next generation of clinician-scientists. She has held many roles as a Clinical Supervisor, most recently within the University of Calgary Psychology Clinic

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